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Anonymous inquired:

Heey, could you tell me who the animated charater you used for the snow queen is? And who the dairy queen is? Cause I see that name used alot in the tags for the snow queen, but I have no idea who that is.

the Snow Queen is a (slightly edited) early Elsa model back from when she was still a more traditional villain-esque snow queen

Jmo calls her the Dairy Queen at one point in the third episode and she looks incredibly offended so people have started calling her that because she still doesn’t have a name and I mean really what did she expect people to call her she’s been running an ice cream shop for like 2 years now

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Anonymous inquired:

Why didn't you mention the weird sexual tension between Elsa and Anna?

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Anonymous inquired:

Is that Walt Disney as Anna and Elsa's father? Why?


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Once Upon A Disney Crack Fic has gotten an icy makeover just in time for the season 4 premiere next week!

New features include a randomly rotating sidebar* as well as like & reblog links directly on the page!

Remember to tune into Once Upon A Disney Crack Fic after the new episode for a quick and easy recap of all the wacky hijinks our beloved Disney™ fairytale characters got up to with these two very non-fairytale ice sisters!

*will be implemented at a later date because it’s late and I’m tired!

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was the camera stare intentional because honestly this is all I could think of while watching the promo


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Anonymous inquired:

Why is Henry Olaf? And why is Emma called Jennifer Morrison but all the other live action ones are referred to as their characters?

J-Mo is called J-Mo because when I made the very first one of these things back in November she was the only real life character used and it sounded funnier to use her real name rather than Emma

Henry is Olaf because I needed a picture to use and this was made before Frozen was out back when everyone hated Olaf and Henry was being insufferable and it seemed fitting at the time okay

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